Sunday, October 22, 2017

Diary of a Drifter-House 5-Chapter 1-A Couple Of Starving Artists

I would like to thank my very good friend Jazen for sending me Chevy Platinum who will be one of the main sims in this household along with my 5th generation heir Skyla.  The links to her blogs are on my blog list on the right.

I waited all my life to find out what fate my families legacy has held for me and as soon as I get here I fall asleep.  With all the deaths and than the drama over David I was tired out.  I knew I had to move out and I petitioned the court for legal guardianship of David which I was denied because I was too young and I wasn't family.  They were going to send him to a group home for teenagers until I decided to call up his father Felipe Feng.  I told him we would make David's paternity public knowledge unless he took his son in.  The threat worked but he didn't actually take David in, he sent him to a private boarding school and promised to provide for David until he was old enough to take care of himself.

One thing I didn't realize at the time was that my new home would be right next door to Grandma Everly's house.  My father grew up in that house and Zander Patel who was an elder now still lived in it.  Zander used to come and visit us every once in a while so at least I had one friendly neighbor.

I finally awoke and looked at the empty lot that was to be my home for the rest of my life.  Such a big lot of land even bigger than the one I grew up on.  How was I going to build a home here all by myself.  Hopefully the contents of the envelope would give my some kind of explanation.

Well my future is in art.  Hopefully I can be creative enough to become a successful artist.  At least Grandma said that I could get some help.  I called the art school asking if there were any aspiring artist's from other universes looking for a place to stay so dirt cheap it was actually free and they sent one over.

His name was Chevy Platinum and when I talked with him I found out that he was indeed from an alternative universe.  When I first explained to him that there was no house at the moment he was ready to leave.

I knew at the time this would be hopeless no one would help me without a place to sleep.  Chevy seen how depressed I was and stayed to console me a bit which worked out in my favor.  We made an agreement that we would work to build the house together but we would be co owners with both our names on the deed.  I took that deal in a heartbeat and it did sound fair to me.

We both were able to get jobs in the painting career but we needed to buy easels, paint, canvas and all sorts of painting supplies not to mention putting a roof over our heads.  We quickly got to work earning money.  Chevy spent the day fishing.

I spent the day on the rounds and joined Chevy fishing as soon as I was finished.

We didn't do bad at all for the first day.  We had a place to eat, sleep and bathroom facilities.  We were lucky because we moved in on Friday and our first day on the job was on Monday.  Hopefully we will be able to start on our house soon enough.

Author's Note

Skyla and Chevy's House 5 To Do List:

1) Create a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom home worth at least $100k Simoleons (after Depreciation)

2) Achieve level 10 of the Painting career
-Patron of the Arts branch - on either the Main or Secondary Sim

3) Achieve level 10 of the Painting career
-Master of the Real branch - on either the Main or Secondary Sim

4) Achieve level 5 Photography
-On either the Main or Secondary Sim

5) Complete the Photography Treasure Hunt:

A completed Treasure Hunt collection should yield 10 photographs with all items, colors and Sims/Subjects used only once.

Required Items
1. Hats (Hats and Masks)
2. Hair (Hair, Facial Hair and Eyebrows)
3. Makeup (All types)
4. Accessories (Glasses, Gloves and all Jewelry)
5. Tops (All types)
6. Bottoms (Underwear, Swim Bottoms, Shorts and Pants)
7. Skirts (All types)
8. Full Body Outfits (All types)
9. Socks (Socks, Tights or accessory Leggings)
10. Footwear (All types)

Required Colors
1. Red
2. Orange
3. Yellow
4. Green
5. Blue
6. Purple
7. Pink
8. Black
9. White
10. Brown

6) Produce and raise an Heir to the Young Adult lifestage

Friday, October 6, 2017

Diary of a Drifter House 4 Info Completed

Here is the house tour for House #4

We will do the exteriors first, this is the front.  btw I didn't get any landscaping done on this house at all because all of the science objects and the rocket took up most of the room.  We do have a small garden in the back.

I was trying to something different for the corner but it really didn't work out well at all.

As you can see the science objects did take up most of the room.  I didn't even realize I did not even put in a monkey bars for the kids which I usually do all the time.  Time to go inside now.

Kitchen.  Usually I really do the kitchen well as its my favorite room to decorate but this time around I had a laboratory to add to this house.  Some of that science stuff is expensive.

Living Room.  David is watching some TV while Skyla is having some cold pizza for breakfast.

The study right across from the living room.  I made sure to put all of Harry's career rewards in the house.  In this picture you see the flying saucer table lamp on the end table, the Out of this World Desktop on the desk that he received for maxing his career and on the bookcase is Harry's Sim Ray which he invented himself.  I didn't mention this before but the Satellite Dish and the Electroflux Worm Generator that Harry invented is in the backyard right by the garden.

This is Harry's Laboratory.  We purchased all the science equipment but we have some rewards and inventions in here.  The Journey to the Stars poster is on the wall, Chemistry lab and the Test tube pedestal were all career rewards and the Momentum Conserver was invented by Harry.

Downstairs bathroom.  Now lets go upstairs for the bedrooms.  The shower is a science career reward.

This is the master bedroom.

This is my first attempt on making a walk in closet.

This bathroom is for the master bedroom.  Since the shower was unlocked in buy mode I purchased another one for this bathroom.

This is Skyla's room which has gone through many transformations.  This room was the original lab that Skyla had her little chemistry table and she worked with her father.  Once Dana and David moved in I had to move some rooms around. This became Skylar's room which was pink when she was a toddler and a child but we changed things around for teenage Skyla.

I wanted to give Skyla her own bathroom but I didn't have much room. I couldn't even take a picture of it with the walls up.  With 5 people in this house I needed as many bathrooms as possible so I placed this little one here.

This was originally Skyla's room but I changed the decor for Dana when she moved in.

This is David's room.  I know he aged into a teen but I thought it better to keep this room as a kids room.  After Skyla moves out David will be inheriting this house and I'm hoping that SP will find him a wife and they will have a family.

Here is a small play area for children minus the dollhouse that David with the hothead trait kept smashing.  I got tired of having Harry repair it so I just deleted it.

Here is the final info and I have uploaded this house to my Gallery

Harry's Goals for House 4:

  1. Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $50k Simoleons (after Depreciation)
  2. Achieve level 10 of the Rocket Science skill
  3. Achieve level 10 of the Scientist career
  4. Travel to Sixam
  5. Acquire at least three unique items exclusive to the Get To Work expansion
  6. Befriend and Move In an alien
  7. Produce and raise an Heir to the Young Adult lifestage

Diary of a Drifter-House 4-Chapter 8-Skyla with Finale

After my Dad died my Mom found this box which had my name on it.  I found my father's journal in it and a bunch of envelopes with numbers on it.  I'm not sure at the moment what this is supposed to mean but the first envelope with the #5 on it has my name on it.  My dad put a sticky pad note on it that this was to be given to me on my birthday.  I decided to respect his wishes and not open the envelope until that day.  This journal was about his life and I figured that I would be the best person to finish it off.  Mom can't as she feels that a part of her died with my father and right now she is inconsolable. 

I never realized until today that grim sometimes has a sick sense of humor, but I guess he can because he is who he is.

When Mom first realized what was happening she ran as fast as she could and made it there in time.

She pleaded for Harry's life and we couldn't believe it when grim answered our prayers.

Dad got to live another day or so we thought.  Dad was hungry and he went inside to get himself a hamburger.  Usually we only made grilled chicken but Dad was just given a reprieve from the reaper so what is the point of counting calories.

Dad never even got to taste his last meal.  It wasn't even an hour and grim never even left the house.  I was still in shock from the first time I almost lost my Dad and now here it was happening most likely for real this time.

I pleaded for my Dad's life this time but it didn't matter.

As my pleas fell on deaf ears.

And that was the end.  Dad was truly gone.  He was a wonderful father and I loved him so much.

We handled our grief differently.  Mom either slept all day or pulled the covers over her head so she could cry my eyes out.

Me I was sad and angry.   I just wanted to scream and hit something.  I looked for the dollhouse so I could smash it but hot headed David got to it first.  Blarffy, my old friend was here so he bear the brunt of my frustrations.

I did feel better spending time in Dad's laboratory as this is where I have the most memories of him.  Every time I enter this room I feel his presence as if he never left us.

Getting my homework completed on time was never that important before but now I feel as if I need to make Dad proud.  And Mom too.  This whole experience has been hell on her and just when you think nothing else can go wrong something does.

It was time for Aunt Dana to leave us as well.

 Mom was sleeping in her bed and David and I couldn't get there in time to plead for her life.  I doubt it would have helped anyway.

We buried her right outside with Dad and that other lady that died at David's birthday party.

Dad did come back for a visit and it was really good to see him again.  He did bring a smile to Mom's face for a change.

Mom is starting to age a bit too which has me worried.  We just lost Dad and Aunt Dana, I don't want to lose her too.

David had a birthday too but with the mood in this house no one was into celebrating.

This is when something unexpected happened.  We were prepared for Dad and Aunt Dana's death but we weren't prepared for Mom's.  According to the doctors she was healthy and had plenty of time left.  Out of nowhere she collapsed in Dad's garden one day and that was the end.

I pleaded for Mom's life but of course Grim was not hearing one single word I said.

Both Dad and Aunt Dana were there to help her cross over to the other side and Dad assured me that she was going to be fine.  So much loss in so little time.  I didn't even feel like celebrating my birthday anymore and I didn't.

This should have been a happy day for me as I was off to start my own life on my own adventure but I just couldn't bring myself to smile at this point.

Harry's Goals for House 4:

  1. Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $50k Simoleons (after Depreciation)
  2. Achieve level 10 of the Rocket Science skill
  3. Achieve level 10 of the Scientist career
  4. Travel to Sixam
  5. Acquire at least three unique items exclusive to the Get To Work expansion
  6. Befriend and Move In an alien
  7. Produce and raise an Heir to the Young Adult lifestage